MOÇA MORENA represents the woman of the modern western world influenced by latin, African and hispanic cultures. MOÇA MORENA is a mixed race, or a no race woman, since its the personification of many cultures, and tastes.

The songs on this album reflect, at the same time, an anticipation of those globalized adventures, as well the eternal nostalgia of being homesick - our roots and identity. Inevitably, love is always the background feeling that happens when ones life is filled with passion. The branches of this emotion end up in the form of poems, written by major figures of our literature, such as Fernando Pessoa, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, João Monge, Maria do Rosário Pedreira and Nuno Miguel Guedes, and also fellow musicians, also sensitive to writing - Márcio Faraco, José Sebastião, Ana Sofia Paiva, André Mota and Bruno Fonseca - pay their contribution to the album.

In this concert the band will present songs from the first album - “AQUI E ALI”, for example the single - “Beija-flor voou”, song that figured on the sound-track of the soap-opera “Belmonte” from TVI channel.

RioLisboa is an instrumental collective, and in this new album, they invite amazing and astonishing singers, that emphasize the cultural and emotional affinities from these different places. They are Rute Soares, Luanda Cozetti, Sandra Correia and Ana Margarida.

Henrique Leitão (portuguese guitar)
Bruno Fonseca (classical guitar and musical direction)
Carlos Barretto (doublebass)
André Mota (drums and percussion)
Miguel Ponte (sound designer)

21th March | 2018
9h30pm (openning - 9pm)
Entrance: 7 euros
Tickets sell in the place in the day of the concert