“Here and there, each place is drawn with a single line.

Lisbon meets Rio, and then music happens, with the shape of soft moans."

RioLisboa is a musical connection between Portugal and Brazil.
This connection, an alliance between the portuguese fado and the groove of the bossa nova
is the best way to define this group’s musical identity. The lyrics of the songs are all original material
written especially for RioLisboa, and are inspired in love and relationships
– hypothetically – experienced whether in Lisbon or Rio. The tone of the poems is built this way.

Bruno Fonseca, composer, is also the musical director and guitar player for RioLisboa.
He directs this group where the friendship between all musicians is an important foundation.

“Step by step... slowly.”

Henrique Leitão - portuguese guitar
Bruno Fonseca - guitars and musical director
Carlos Barretto
- double-bass
André Mota - drums and percussions