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1 - Margens do rio
2 - Sem tempo, sem resposta
3 - Saudades de Lisboa
4 - Para quê?
5 - Até às Sete
6 - Peregrino
7 - Moça Morena
8 - Primavera
9 - Não digas nada
10 - Todo o Amor
11 - O Regresso
12 - Sem dar por nada
13 - Despedida

In the group's second work, "MOÇA MORENA" illustrates the modern European woman who identifies with Latin, African and Hispanic influences. "Moça morena" is a mixed-race woman, the result of this meeting and mix of cultures, represented here by the various guest singers.

The themes of "MOÇA MORENA" reflect, at the same time, an anticipation of these new globalized adventures and adventures, as well as the eternal longing for our home - our roots and identity. Inevitably, love ends up as the setting for these irresistible stories, for those who live life intensely. The possible tributaries of this feeling result in poems, unique pieces, signed by major figures in national literature and poetry - Fernando Pessoa, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, João Monge, Maria do Rosário Pedreira and Nuno Miguel Guedes, as well as musicians sensitive to words and to the way of putting feelings on paper - Márcio Faraco, José Sebastião, Ana Sofia Paiva, André Mota and Bruno Fonseca.


Bruno Fonseca - classical guitar, fado guitar and musical direction
Henrique Leitão - portuguese guitar
Carlos Barretto - double bass
André Mota - drums and percussions

Guest singers:
Sandra Correia, Luanda Cozetti, Rute Soares, Tété Alhinho, Ana Margarida, Mili Vizcaíno

Production: Bruno Fonseca
Recording: Bruno Fonseca and Paulo Cavaco at Impasse Estúdio and Cloudnoise Studios, from May 2016 to September 2017

Pre-Production and Audio Editing: Paulo Cavaco
Mixing and Mastering: Edu Miranda

Photography: Carlos Almeida and Bruno Fonseca
Illustration: João Rodrigues
Graphic Design: Cristiane Veneza and Bruno Fonseca

© 2018 - RioLisboa

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