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The sound of RioLisboa reflects the fusion of musicalities from Portugal and Brazil – countries united by historical ties and the language of Camões. FADO united with BOSSA NOVA – nostalgia and longing combined with joy and passion. This mix expresses the sounds of the old Alfama with those of the late Copacabana, in a joyfully achieved combination, sensitively materialized by the poets and musicians who make up this collective - Bruno Fonseca, André Dias, Carlos Menezes, Marcos Alves e André Mota.

> Press Release "Cantam Revolução" (ENG)

RioLisboa "Cantam Revolução"

In this new work, "CANTAM REVOLUAÇÃO", RioLisboa took the theme of Freedom as its starting point. In the context of the April Revolution, and the celebration of the 50th anniversary of its event, Bruno Fonseca, the group mentor, found the pretext to begin this new work. His affinity for this theme would also be shared by the other members, who embraced the idea immediately.

RioLisboa invited the voices of Cassandra Cunha, a young fado singer, who brought freshness and lightness to the group sound, and the renowned singer Luanda Cozetti - who had already participated in the previous album, “ Moça Morena”-, confirming the influence of bossa nova and samba on the group’s aesthetics. The fact that she is the daughter of the charismatic Alípio de Freitas is a confirmation of the group tribute in the context of the celebration of Freedom.

It is important to mention a change in the group sound by including the acoustic piano, creating distinct references from previous works, where the Portuguese guitar assumed a leading role in its dialogue with the guest voices.

In conjunction with the celebration of the 25th of April, the group felt the need to explore the restlessness germinated in a new generation - children of April. "SING REVOLUTION" is actually a cry in the face of events in the world.

In a period of history when it makes so much sense to look at the humanist side of society, we can embrace our brothers who speak our language and follow the values of the Revolution arm in arm. Zeca and Ary on this side of the ocean, and Chico and Caetano on the other, expressed how “So Much Sea” of emotions unite us. Love enables the proximity of ideals and personal transformation, and must be recognized as the most essential value of humanity.

Technical Data - Studio

Bruno Fonseca: production, musical direction, classical guitar, recording and design
Luanda Cozetti / Cassandra Cunha: guest singers
Carlos Menezes: double bass
Marcos Alves: percussion, acoustic piano and rhodes

Guest musicians:
Bruno Chaveiro / André Dias: Portuguese guitar
Tiago Machado: acoustic piano
Denys Stetsenko: violins
Sandra Martins: cello
Edu Miranda: mandolin
Norton Daiello: electric bass
André Mota, Francisco Fonseca, Luanda Cozetti and Cassandra Cunha: choir

Jaques Morelenbaum: cello (special guest on "Tarde")
Alexandre Veiga: sound engineer - Buzzi Estúdio, Rio de Janeiro

Recorded between October and December 2023
Edu Miranda: mixing and mastering



Sponsorship Fundo Cultural SPA

Sons da Bica

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